The benefits of a lifestyle shoot for your clothing/apparel brand

Oct 10, 2022 | TIPS for eCom clothing/apparel, Tips for eCommerce sellers

In addition to shooting your clothing or apparel as product shots against pure white, it’s often a really good idea to also shoot some lifestyle content. This allows you to use a model who is the same demographic as your target market.
Your market should find the images to be aspirational or inspirational. It allows them to see how good your clothing or apparel can look when worn. It also can help tie-in relevant use for it, such as activewear being worn at the gym, streetwear in a cool urban environment, or how tough your workwear is on the job-site.

A while ago I had the pleasure of art directing and photographing apparel for a business that I truly believe in. Lawful Rebellion is a business based on the Gold Coast, Australia, who have launched a clothing range featuring socially-conscious messages. Their mission is to encourage self-education regarding the upholding of your rights and the self-empowerment that’s gained through shared knowledge.

I was so pleased to see how ecstatic the clients were with the product shots of their awesome clothing range. Plus our model, Henry, who was street-cast with zero modelling experience really knocked it out of the park with his ‘Don’t tread on me’ vibe!


If you need inspiration for your own clothing or apparel brand’s photography approach, take a look HERE at the various approaches that always work well, and HERE on the gallery page for past work examples for further inspo!

Lifestyle shot for Lawful Rebellion clothing 2



Lifestyle shot for Lawful Rebellion clothing 3